"Better Living Through Chemistry" on MoviesOnDemand
2014-03-21 |
Better Living Through Chemistry is now available on Movies on Demand!

“The Way, Way Back” will be available via Movies On Demand
2013-11-02 |
Hi everyone! Just to let you all know that “The Way, Way Back” will be available via Movies On Demand on November 5, 2013. The link is here:

Sam Rockwell on dialects, working with Woody Allen, and stealing from the best
2013-09-24 | By A.A. Dowd | A.V. Club
Welcome to Random Roles, wherein we talk to actors about the characters who defined their careers. The catch: They don’t know beforehand what roles we’ll ask them to talk about. The actor: Having spent most of the ’90s fighting for guest roles on network TV shows and a... Read more

Sam Rockwell On Going Dark for 'A Single Shot,' His Take on VOD and Where He Stands on Gun Legislation
2013-09-23 | By R. Kurt Osenlund | Indiewire
It's been a kudo-worthy season for Sam Rockwell, who emerged as the motor-mouthed, big-hearted highlight of July's shore-town dramedy "The Way, Way Back," and now ends the summer with a bang in David M. Rosenthal's "A Single Shot," a tight backwoods thriller that sees Rockwell deftly slip back i... Read more

Capone talks with Sam Rockwell about A SINGLE SHOT and LAGGIES, with a little bit on POLTERGEIST!!!
2013-09-19 | By Capone | Ain't It Cool News
Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here. Sam Rockwell...that's really all you need to say about any movie to get excited about it. If that doesn't do it for you, you probably don't like movies as much as you should. To bring Rockwell into your film means introducing an element of the unknown... Read more

Audio/Q&A: 'A Single Shot' star Sam Rockwell makes sure he learns from his mistakes
2013-09-16 | By Matt Pais | RedEye
The ultra-reliable actor talks to RedEye's Matt Pais by phone about mistakes, cliches and unusual babysitting scenarios. Sam Rockwell supports the quiet, small-town, everybody-knows-your-business lifestyle depicted in the indie noir “A Single Shot.” Sort of. Read more

Questions and Answers With Sam Rockwell
2013-09-19 | By Kase Wickman |
Get ready to see a different side of Sam Rockwell. Well known for his goofy charm in movies such as this summer's "The Way Way Back" and as a suave bad guy in "Charlie's Angels" and "Iron Man 2," Rockwell's role in this weekend's indie "A Single Shot" could come as a shock. He plays John Moon... Read more

Sam Rockwell Interview: Taking Risks, Channeling ‘The Deer Hunter’
2013-09-20 | By Jack Giroux | Film School Rejects
“It’s kind of like a detective movie but it’s set in the Appalachians,” is the way Sam Rockwell encapsulates his latest film, A Single Shot. Rockwell plays John, a true anti-hero who gets in way over his head after a hunting accident and finding a good deal of cash. What follows th... Read more

Actor Sam Rockwell Takes A Single Shot
2013-09-17 | By Marshall Fine | Hollywood & Fine
He haunts the mountains like a phantom, a veteran poacher with deer in his sights and the law on his trail. Indeed, in “A Single Shot,” opening in limited release Friday and available on VOD, actor Sam Rockwell looks as though he’s right at home as a veteran outdoorsman who keeps meat on t... Read more

Sam Rockwell on 'A Single Shot' and the 'horrible thing' that happens with his character
2013-09-17 | By Josh Lasser | HitFix
Video In his latest role, Sam Rockwell is playing a down on his luck man who, after a horrible mistake, quickly finds his life spiraling out of cont... Read more

Sam Rockwell: My New York
2013-09-14 | By Reed Tucker | New York Post
Sam Rockwell has lived in New York for some 20 years — only you probably wouldn’t know it: He tends to fly under the radar. “You can get away with a lot with facial hair,” the actor says. The East Village resident, 44, has appeared in a string of indie film faves, including this summer’s “... Read more

Sam Rockwell on 'A Single Shot,' anarchy, 'The Way, Way Back' and Care Bears
2013-09-15 | By Stephen Whitty | New Jersey On-Line
It is a fan's favorite, falsest assumption that the actor is just like the character on screen. But if someone is a good actor — truly a great actor — they're always someone else. And the better they are, the more different they are. Offscreen, the fiercely intense Daniel Day-Lewis can be ... Read more

Sam Rockwell Confirms Involvement in "Poltergeist" Reboot
2013-09-04 | WorstPreviews
Last month, it was reported that Sam Rockwell was in talks to play the lead role in MGM's upcoming "Poltergeist" reboot. Now, during a new interview, the actor seemingly confirmed his involvement. When asked if he'll appear in the film, Rockwell replied: "There may be some truth to that. W... Read more

Sam Rockwell: 'I'm an old soul'
2013-08-23 | By Hermione Hoby | The Guardian
He plays a zany waterpark manager in The Way, Way Back, but the actor isn't quite the joker his on-screen personas often suggest As the best thing in the occasionally appealing, frequently cheesy summer schmaltzfest that is The Way Way Back, Sam Rockwell also delivers the movie's gr... Read more

Sam Rockwell Eyed to Star in MGM’s Reboot of ‘Poltergeist’
2013-08-05 | By Justin Kroll | Variety
Gil Kenan is directing with David Lindsay-Abaire writing the script. TheWrap broke the news. Story follows the Bowen family, whose life is suddenly disrupted after a supernatural force takes over their home and begins terrorizing them. Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert will produce through th... Read more

Sam Rockwell rocks it well in diverse roles
2013-08-01 | By Neala Johnson |
FROM Charlie's Angels to Iron Man, Sam Rockwell has danced his way into moviegoers' hearts. Now he needs a new challenge, writes Neala Johnson. Sam Rockwell has played a billionaire industrialist in Iron Man 2. A detestable death-row inmate in The Green Mile. A game-s... Read more

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